Saturday, November 26, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood rally in Cairo: "One day we'll kill all Jews"

From the "Arab Spring = Islamofascist Winter" department

If it's Friday, then it must be time for Islamic supremacist rallies, such as the one held just outside a prominent Cairo mosque yesterday by the Muslim Brotherhood. There should be no doubt regarding the Muslim Brotherhood's ultimate agenda, as it creeps closer to seizing complete power in Egypt, and yesterday's rally is yet another reminder of their genocidal intentions. Will the world awaken to the threat? Will the mainstream media shine a harsh spotlight on such a clear, present danger? Will Western politicians and governments admit that their countless soothing words about 'secular' or 'moderate Islamists' are, at best, totally without merit? Will Western countries stop their political support (implicit or otherwise) of the Muslim Brotherhood? No, they can't do that, of course -- that would be divisive, hateful, and Islamophobic.

From "Cairo rally: One day we'll kill all Jews", by Eldad Beck,, 25 November 2011:

Muslim Brotherhood holds venomous anti-Israel rally in Cairo mosque Friday; Islamic activists chant: Tel Aviv, judgment day has come

A Muslim Brotherhood rally in Cairo's most prominent mosque Friday turned into a venomous anti-Israel protest, with attendants vowing to "one day kill all Jews."

Some 5,000 people joined the rally, called to promote the "battle against Jerusalem's Judaization." The event coincided with the anniversary of the United Nations' partition plan in 1947, which called for the establishment of a Jewish state.

However, most worshippers who prayed at the mosque Friday quickly left it before the Muslim Brotherhood's rally got underway. A group spokesman urged attendants to remain for the protest, asking them not to create a bad impression for the media by leaving.

Because nothing makes a 'good' impression like a bunch of Muslims standing outside a mosque, shrieking en masse for the murder of Jews.

Speakers at the event delivered impassioned, hateful speeches against Israel, slamming the "Zionist occupiers" and the "treacherous Jews." Upon leaving the rally, worshippers were given small flags, with Egypt's flag on one side and the Palestinian flag on the other, as well as maps of Jerusalem's Old City detailing where "Zionists are aiming to change Jerusalem's Muslim character."

Propaganda material ahead of Egypt's parliamentary elections was also handed out at the site.

Spiritual leader Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb charged in his speech that to this day Jews everywhere in the world are seeking to prevent Islamic and Egyptian unity.

"In order to build Egypt, we must be one. Politics is insufficient. Faith in Allah is the basis for everything," he said. "The al-Aqsa Mosque is currently under an offensive by the Jews…we shall not allow the Zionists to Judaize al-Quds (Jerusalem.) We are telling Israel and Europe that we shall not allow even one stone to be moved there."

Muslim Brotherhood spokesmen, as well as Palestinian guest speakers, made explicit calls for Jihad and for liberating the whole of Palestine. Time and again, a Koran quote vowing that "one day we shall kill all the Jews" was uttered at the site. Meanwhile, businessmen in the crowd were urged to invest funds in Jerusalem in order to prevent the acquisition of land and homes by Jews.

Throughout the event, Muslim Brotherhood activists chanted: "Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, judgment day has come."

Speaking to Ynet outside the mosque following the prayer, elementary school teacher Ala al-Din said that "all Egyptian Muslims are willing to embark on Jihad for the sake of Palestine."

"Why is the US losing in Afghanistan? Because the other side is willing and wants to die. We have a different mentality than that of the Americans and Jews," he said.

For once, an Islamofascist got it right. The Americans and Jews -- most of them -- indeed have a different mentality than these pious believers in Islam. Whether that 'different mentality' is enough to save the free (non Muslim) world is still very much an open question.

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