Friday, December 30, 2011

An email from one of our readers

We do not get much traffic at our low-traffic blog, but it's still nice to get the occasional word of support from out there. From our inbox earlier this week:

Hi, i would like to introduce myself as a person who is looking for love and freedom, a genuine freedom. i believe that in true and genuine freedom, freedom which is ingrained by pure love, all evil will perish. i am convinced that islam is a threat to freedom. i have read several articles, mostly by ali sina that talks about how islam is a cult and muhammad is a warlord that used fear for submission. I understand that islam is not the only threat to freedom, but i also understand that it is the most dangerous since it can trigger fanatics action towards violence in an instant. it is also the the very opposite of LOVE.

I believe in freedom, love, pursuit of dreams and happiness. No matter how i look at it, Islam is the very opposite of what i believe. I have just read your articles online and i found it to be very informative, relevant and most important, it strengthen my view and belief that Islam is a threat to humanity. in that regards, i want to express my gratitude for your time, initiative, and your courage on spreading that information. I agree with Ali Sina when he said in one of his articles that to destroy Islam, we must prove that it is evil.

In the length of the world's history, humanity have struggled against tyranny and its deception. I fight for freedom in all form, in all aspects but not the freedom to spread evil. There are many religions in this world but none of them offer threats like one that rise from Islam. In short. Islam must be destroyed. My vision for the world is the one which is fulfilled with LOVE and FREEDOM, where people are free to pursue their dreams, their "personal legend", their passion, what they love to do, note that love and obsession is a very different thing. Obsession leads to destruction, Love leads to creation.

Love and Thanks


Thursday, December 29, 2011