Saturday, June 23, 2012

Malaysian transvestite singer convicted, fined for having 'female mannerisms'

Malaysia continues its Islamic-inspired campaign to cleanse its corner of Dar al Islam of GLBTs - at least the Muslim GLBTs.

KELANTAN'S famous transvestite dikir barat singer Hafiz Jeffri (pic) appeared at the Syariah High Court dressed in men's attire and a kopiah.

Berita Harian reported that Hafiz, who is also known as Kajol, was hauled up by religious authorities and charged at the Syariah Court with dressing in women's clothing and having feminine mannerisms.

After Hafiz testified that he had repented, Syariah High Court judge Abu Bakar Abdullah Kutty set aside the one-month prison sentence that had been handed down earlier by the Syariah Lower Court.

The judge, however, maintained the RM1,000 (USD 300) fine that had been imposed by the lower court.

Met outside the court, Hafiz said he would try to change his ways as well as reduce his dikir barat performances.

Technically, it's illegal for men to go out in public in women's clothing in Malaysia. 'Reforming' wayward gays and crossdressers is state policy in Malaysia, and is a policy that will be condemned by no Muslim, and not be condemned by any so-called Gay Rights groups.

Islam and freedom of expression do not mix.

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