Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Focused on the French Version of Musulman

I apologize to my visitors for not posting as frequently the past week or so. I have been starting on a new personal business and I am now working slowly and painfully on the French version of Andre Servier's French language Islam and the Psychology of the Musulman. This has turned out be very difficult due to the condition of the book. I feel like I'm working on some holy scrolls, that is how fragile the book I got from the ILL is. About 75% of the pages have broken away from the binding, and the paper itself has aged very poorly. Delicately lifting a page and the pieces around the darkened edges break away into flakes. I am surprised they sent this book, it's condition is deplorable, and they have never tried to repair the book as it deteriorated. On top of that, due to the inferior fonts used in 1922 and their fading and blurring over time, my OC software (the 'cadillac' of OCRs, Readiris) asks for my decision on letters about 5 times as much as with the much better quality English version which was a piece of cake to scan. Even then, I have to do much more proofing of the text converted. Try that with French when you only had a one year French course in high school 25 years ago. In a way, this is actually a good way to learn French, at least to read it.

I would like to write on Bush and his immigration and Iraq speeches, but what is there to say? Bush has lost me. When I learned that Bush and Rice were actually armtwisting EU states, like Greece, Austria and Germany, to let Turkey into the EU, it was the last of the last straws. This position is insanity, the position of a fool. Therefore, we have a fool for a President. I am not giving up on my Senators and Congressman. I urge everyone to use the email service of your Congressman or Senator to express opinions and recommend books for them to read.

I will be posting again soon as I will take a break from Les Musulman after I get 100 pages scanned. I currently have 42 done.


I am about 15% through.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Galloway's Respect Party Dumps Gay Rights Platform

Galloway is one of Islam's best 'useful idiots.' Like any whore, Galloway knows where the money and opportunity is. Thus he has no problem throwing the gays to the Islamics - fresh meat! "Just eat me last" Galloway has pissed off some of those enthusiastic lefties - you know, those eager to bash the British gov't and preach hate of America. Now they have the gall to call Galloway's Respect party's policies '...on gay and women’s rights are even more reactionary than those of the despicable neo-Nazi BNP.' Oh No! Say it ain't so! Worse than the BNP? Say it ain't so! Perhaps a few 'useful idiots' will awaken from their stupor and realize it isn't the government that is their enemy, but Islam. naaawwwwwhhhh.

Galloway’s Party in Gay Rights Row

Respect’s grassroots rebel against alleged deal with anti-gay Islamists

LONDON, November 22, 2005 – Grassroots members of George Galloway’s left-wing Respect party have condemned as “unacceptable” the decision of the party leadership to exclude lesbian and gay rights from their manifesto for the general election earlier this year.

Respect MP George Galloway, the rebel former Labour MP who appeared earlier this year before the United States Senate Committee investigating improprieties surrounding the Oil-for-Food programme, is now being asked to explain why his party dumped gay rights from its manifesto.

Allegations abound that Respect’s right-wing Islamist backers demanded the axing of gay rights as a condition of their electoral support for the party.

At Respect’s annual conference on Sunday (20 November), delegates rebelled against party leaders who vetoed the inclusion of gay equality in the party's manifesto for the 2005 general election. [haHa, poor moonbats stabbed in the front, not the back, at their conference. It's 'sweet justice' for us, a big "I told you so" to the moonbats of England. haHa]

The victorious conference resolution 47 stated: “Conference regards it as unacceptable that our manifesto for the general election did not contain any reference to the defence of LGBT rights.”

From the conference platform, Respect leader Lindsay German, who is also a senior leader of the Socialist Workers Party, disparaged the resolution, claiming it had a “hidden agenda” and was moved in “bad faith”.

“Despite the motion being passed by the grassroots membership, Respect's leaders offered no apology and no assurance that LGBT rights will be included in future election manifestos,” said gay left-wing human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell of OutRage!.

“Respect claims to support LGBT rights but the exclusion of gay rights from its election manifesto suggests otherwise.

“On the Respect website, gay equality is shunted to the sidelines, listed semi-anonymously under ‘Other policies’. This shows that Respect regards LGBT rights as a marginal issue of no serious interest or concern. Equally alarming, the policy section of Respect’s website has no section on women’s rights.

“Respect's disrespect for LGBT people is part of a pattern. One of the party’s top leaders, Lindsay German, notoriously warned that gay rights are not a ‘shibboleth’ and should not prevent Respect forging electoral alliances with homophobic religious fundamentalist groups. [See, the true motives come out and the moonbats feel betrayed. Sweet.]

“Respect is in alliance with the right-wing, anti-gay Islamist group, the Muslim Association of Britain [MAB],” Mr. Tatchell pointed out, adding that the party does not ally with liberal and left-wing Muslims.

“The MAB endorses the recreation of an Islamic Caliphate where Muslims would be subjected to the barbarism of Sharia law, which includes the execution of unchaste women, apostates and gay people.

“Respect has betrayed progressive Muslims, in favour of an alliance with Islamist conservatives and fundamentalists whose policies on gay and women’s rights are even more reactionary than those of the despicable neo-Nazi BNP.

“Respect has failed to defend gay Muslims against fundamentalist Islamists and it attacks gay rights groups that support Muslim queers.

“The politics of Respect on LGBT rights is reformist at best. It's policies are far less radical than those of the Liberal Democrats. Unlike Respect, the Lib Dems included gay rights in their manifesto,” said Mr Tatchell. [But Mr. Tatchell still tries to smoothe over reality. Time for Mr. Tatchell to crawl down to the alligator pond and throw himself in. haHa]

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Londonistan to Build SuperMega Mosque next to Olympics Site

Well, a megamosque as large as the Superdome in London? Looks that way. Can you imagine this huge mosque prominently shown over and over during the Olympics? Welcome to Londonistan. Infidels, run for your lives! Sell your overpriced property and get the hell out of Londonistan.

The Sunday Times - Britain

The Sunday Times November 27, 2005

Giant mosque for 40,000 may be built at London Olympics

A MASSIVE mosque that will hold 40,000 worshippers is being proposed beside the Olympic complex in London to be opened in time for the 2012 Games.

The project’s backers hope the mosque and its surrounding buildings would hold a total of 70,000 people, only 10,000 fewer than the Olympic stadium.
Its futuristic design features wind turbines instead of the traditional minarets, while a translucent latticed roof would replace the domes seen on most mosques. The complex is designed to become the “Muslim quarter” for the Games, acting as a hub for Islamic competitors and spectators.

“It will be something never seen before in this country. It is a mosque for the future as part of the British landscape,” said Abdul Khalique, a senior member of Tablighi Jamaat, a worldwide Islamic missionary group that is proposing the mosque as its new UK headquarters.

Tablighi Jamaat has come under scrutiny from western security agencies since 9/11. Two years ago, according to The New York Times, a senior FBI anti-terrorism official claimed it was a recruiting ground for Al-Qaeda. British police investigated a report that Mohammad Sidique Khan, leader of the July 7 London bombers, had attended its present headquarters in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. In August, Bavaria expelled three members of the organisation on the grounds that it promoted Islamic extremism.

Defenders of Tablighi Jamaat say that it is not political and confines itself to humanitarian work. It was founded in India under the British Raj and has many members in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The east London complex would have by far the largest capacity of any religious building in Britain. The biggest at present is the Baitul Futuh in Morden, Surrey, which holds about 10,000 worshippers. Liverpool’s Anglican cathedral, the largest Christian place of worship, has a capacity of 3,000.

The new building will be called the London Markaz (Arabic for centre) and will be built in place of an existing mosque on a 10-acre site 500 yards from the Olympic development.

The three-storey mosque will be designed to accommodate more than 40,000 worshippers. Its sweeping roof is intended to evoke tented cities.
The complex would include a garden, school, library and accommodation for visiting worshippers.

Islamic calligraphy would cover the walls and ceilings, the washing areas would have cascading water to mimic a stream, and the complex’s buildings would be adapted to allow extra worshippers during festivals such as Eid, accommodating a further 30,000 visitors.

Ali Mangera, the London and Barcelona-based architect who is designing the mosque, said: “People in this country build mosques with fake domes and plastic minarets to look like the mosques back home. Islam has traditionally been at the forefront of technology and change. The Markaz will reflect this. It will be more than a mosque. The whole idea behind it is to break down barriers.”

Mangera has previously worked with leading British architects including Zaha Hadid, designer of the Cardiff opera house. Mangera and Tablighi Jamaat are in negotiations with Newham council, the Greater London Authority and the Thames Gateway Development Corporation for planning permission.

Sunil Sahadevan, a planning officer at Newham council, said: “We are working towards the mosque application with the organisers and discussions are ongoing. The application will be finalised over the next year.”

It is estimated that the project would cost more than £100m and donations are being sought from Britain and abroad.

Best to Stay Ignorant

Today I went to the library to pick up the French language version of Andre Servier's Islam and the Psychology of the Musulman this afternoon. The book hasn't seen the light of day in 30 years and is very fragile and in terrible shape. The overweight lady, about 30 years old, who checked me out mentioned it was such an unusual book and asked if I read French?

I said, "Barely but my goal was to put the book online in its entirety." She was very interested and I explained I had already put the English version online and she asked for the address and I wrote it down on a piece of paper.

THEN she said 'We just got in a video about Islam and it was just 'amazing.'

Uh oh, I thought. I said "Well don't go to that website I gave you. Servier skewers Islam in his book."

She said, "Oh it's one of those sites?"

I said "Yes, and you may not like what it says."

She said, "No I wouldn't want to do that."

I said, "Yes, it's best to stay ignorant.", picked up my French Musulman and turned to leave. As I looked back, I saw her looking at me with this kind of stunned, puzzled look. I wonder if she understood the meaning of what I said.

Now I'll have to check out this "Islam video" and see what the ignorant infidels are feeding their brains.

This is another reason why we need to stop all Muslim immigration to America. They are working feverishly to propagandize the ignorant infidels through our universities, public schools and libraries. If they were not here, this brainwashing would not be near as advanced as it is today.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hey Frenchie, the Fires were only the Beginning

Have you noticed how the French intifada just 'simmered down.' The Press has been 'explaining' the problem to us. It's not Islam! And David Chazan knows firsthand. I say deport the bastards. No welfare stipend for you!

Bravado and anger in riot suburb
By David Chazan
BBC News, Paris

Arson attacks in the Paris region spread across France
The wave of arson attacks against cars and schools in impoverished areas of France has subsided for the most part.

But the anger among young people of ethnic minority backgrounds has not died down.

On a rundown housing estate in Aulnay-sous-Bois, on the outskirts of Paris, six or seven youths hang around the entrance to a towering block of flats, apparently oblivious to the cold.

About 300 metres away is a burned-out garage. A little further is a nursery school building gutted by fire. The youths are suspicious, but they agree to talk to me. I ask them who is behind the arson attacks.

"It's everyone, all of us together," says one youth, who declines to give his name. "We talk, we talk and if we agree, we do what we have to do."

I ask if anyone's organising the violence.

We want to be respected and we want to get out of the estates


"We are," replies 19-year-old Mohamed.

He claims, or boasts, that rioters elsewhere in France were copying them. His friend, Rida, chips in.

"I live in Sevrans, he lives in Aulnay," he explains, gesturing to a third youth. "Others live in Blanc Mesnil, La Courneuve, Clichy. We have a little meeting. We talk about what we have to do. Afterwards we each go our separate ways."

The immediate reason they give for the violence is the tough policing policy of France's Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy.

Many teenagers here have already spent time in jail. They say the police are always harassing them, particularly if they leave their neighbourhood.


They say it has got worse under Mr Sarkozy. His name is scrawled on the walls of the suburbs, with insults and obscenities.

He called youths like these "rabble" and they want him forced from office. But that's not their only demand.

Youngsters from the suburbs see little hope of change
"We want jobs like everyone," says Mohamed. "We want to be respected and we want to get out of the estates."

As he says this, he breaks down in laughter. I ask why.

"Because we know it's not possible," he says.

Some of the youths say they have secondary school qualifications, but say they cannot get jobs because of racism.

"It's because we're Arab or black," says Rida. "Go to a business and try finding a black guy to talk to. There aren't any. They're all white there."

He brings out a tattered photograph. It shows him holding a gun - not a revolver but a 12-bore shotgun.

"We're armed," says Mohamed. "We're well armed and in 2007, if Sarkozy becomes president, we'll have a real war. That's why they didn't want to attack Iraq, because they know if they attack Iraq, there'll be big trouble in France." [Well, that's going to be exciting. Let her burn. Defend yourslef, France.]
Extreme tendencies

There is a lot of teenage bravado in what they are saying and I get the impression that if some of their demands were addressed, tempers would quickly cool.

Nevertheless, their language is becoming more extreme - even if it is all a bit tongue-in-cheek. [Uh huh. All that jihad talk. It's crazy talk. Terrorize the infidel sissy French. That's crazy talk, tongue-in-cheek.]

"We're going to screw France, and England after that. You know the London attacks? There's one that failed. We're with al-Qaeda, you know," says Mohamed.

That's probably not true. Nevertheless, I get the feeling that some of them could easily be recruited by extremist groups.

"We're only French on paper," says Mohamed. "I was at school with a friend. I passed my exams and he didn't. We both applied for the same job as a salesman, but they took him because he's white."

And these young men are convinced that the only time anyone listens to their grievances is when there are cars burning in the streets.

Monday, November 21, 2005

'You Infidels are Corrupt Animals' sez the Ayatollah Jannati

The cuckoos in Iran are setting the rest of the world straight. Thank Allah for the Islamic Republic of Iran for the West is a bunch of goddamned corrupt animals.

Check out the wicked old fart.

Senior Iran cleric calls non-Muslims "animals" Sun. 20 Nov 2005

Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Nov. 20 – A senior Iranian cleric said on Sunday that all non-Muslims were “animals engaged in corruption” and defended the path of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini as the only path to heaven.

Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati who heads the powerful Guardians Council and is a close adviser to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told a gathering of Revolutionary Guards commanders, “Human beings, apart from Muslims, are animals who roam the earth and engage in corruption”.

Jannati was speaking at a ceremony in north-eastern Iran to commemorate the “martyrs” of Revolutionary Guards.

“If the Islamic Republic of Iran is still standing on its feet, we owe it to our martyrs”, he said, “If it was not for our martyrs, we would not have these precious young men with vivid Islamist views”.

Still, Jannati lamented, the Islamic world did not fully appreciate martyrdom.

“Human beings who don’t put the memoirs of martyrs into practice and forget the values that martyrs created become like animals”, Jannati said.

The powerful ayatollah is a mentor of hard-line Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kofi Annan, Islam's SuperBest Friend

I despise that the US pays for the UN and this closet Muslim Kofi Annan. I caught a posting of his speech at another of those 'international dialogue with Islam' conferences. Callimachus at Done with Mirrors posted it and his comments on this and a few other speakers. But what gets me is that Kofi Annan is utterly an enemy of the West. In fact, I suspect he is on the payroll, someway, somehow with the Islamic moneybags. Oh it will be interesting and disgusting to watch his Post UN activities.

Have your barfbag ready when you read this drivel.

From Callimachus at Done With Mirrors:

Kofi Annan's message, delivered in absentia, focused on the stupidity and misunderstanding of the West, which somehow has come to the absurd conclusion that, because Islamist extremists seek to destroy its cities and kill its people and topple its nations, it somehow has a problem with Islamist extremists. Fie on that, saith Kofi:

The world of Islam is a mosaic which is all too often seen by outsiders as a monolith. Islam's long and proud pluralistic tradition includes modernizers and traditionalists, sufis who seek to synthesize diverse strands of thought and purists who embrace only what they take to be the literal meaning of God's word as revealed in the Holy Quran.

Yet Islam's tenets are frequently distorted and taken out of context, with particular acts or practices being taken to represent or to symbolize the entirety of a complex faith. Some even claim that Islam is incompatible with democracy, or irrevocably hostile to modernity and the rights of women. Stereotypes depict Muslims as opposed to the West, despite a history not only of conflict but also of commerce and cooperation, and of influencing and enriching each other's art and science. ...

Clearly, there is a need to unlearn our collective prejudices; to promote a continuing dialogue among the great religions – a dialogue based on the premise that diversity – in thought, in belief, and in action – is a precious gift, not a threat. We must educate ourselves and our societies to go beyond stereotypes of the other, and to avoid simplistic categorizations that exacerbate misunderstandings and prevent real problems being tackled.

So much for Islam, as for extremism, Kofi buries that in the West's problem:

We must also unite in our efforts to address the extremism that is, alas, on the rise, not only in Islam but among adherents of many faiths. The great religions all contain pluralistic traditions, yet, increasingly, many of their followers are succumbing to exclusivism. The extremist's tendency to divide humanity into mutually exclusive groups or categories, and to treat anyone who tries to cross the dividing lines as a traitor, is one of the greatest threats that we face in the world today. Islam has perhaps suffered the most in this regard. Extremist dogmas have gained ground, impeding the progress and threatening the security of Muslims all over the world.

Which could easily be read literally as a condemnation of Arien Sharon's Judaism or George Bush's Christianity as well as Osama's Islam. Oh, and the way to deal with someone who is trying to kill you and your family? Don't even think about violence. Kofi says, use logic!

We must respond to extremists, but not in kind. If we respond to violence with violence, to anathema with anathema, to exclusion with exclusion, we will be accepting the logic of those we seek to defeat, and thereby helping them win new converts to their ideas.

On the contrary, we must respond to them with our own logic – the logic of peace, of reconciliation, of inclusion and mutual respect. We must resolve, even more firmly, to build nations within which people of different communities can coexist, and enjoy equal rights.

And we must resolve to build a world in which no nation, and no community, will be punished collectively for the crimes of some of its members; a world in which no religion will be demonized for the aberrations of some of its adherents; a world in which there will be no “clash of civilizations”, because people will strive to discover the best in each other's traditions and cultures, and to learn from it.

The Iran Propaganda Mouthpiece IRNA is a Riot!

Today the Swedish Secretary of State visited Iran's foreign ministry Mottaki. Isn't it amazing that all the mosques in Iran are screaming 'Death to the Infidels' but here comes this schmuck, and a former UN Ambassador for Sweden natch, and has a charming friendly conversation. Meanwhile, backhome the Swedes eagerly await their complete consumption by Islam. Anyway, doesn't this sound like a North Korea propaganda piece, only the geography and names are changed. These 'Little Hitlers' actually believe the world is getting close to the time that Islam will completely dominate the world. I'm sure Sweden will be first in line with France just behind.

Mottaki exchanges views with Swedish state secretary to foreign ministry Tehran, Nov 16, IRNA

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Wednesday that relations between Iran and Sweden enjoyed growing trend.

In a meeting with Swedish State Secretary to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hans Dahlgren, Mottaki said that Tehran-Stockholm relations have satisfactory capacity for cooperation and the two countries would take effective and constructive role toward resolving different problems by holding dialogue on mutual respect.

He welcomed positive steps being taken by Sweden to enhance level of relations and going ahead with consultations and exchange of views on regular basis.

Mottaki said that international dilemma ranging from disarmament, terrorism, discrimination, injustice and violation of human rights require collective resolve in cooperation with all nations.

He said that unilateral approach to international issues and certain states influencing state of affairs in the international community are stumbling block in the way of resolving global crises.

Mottaki said that Iran adopted open eye policy and pursues dialogue to help restore peace and stability worldwide.

He said that terrorism is inhuman adding that double standards made the situation worse, a reference to Israeli state terrorism against Palestinian activists and mass killing of defenseless Palestinians in refugee camps by tank shells or helicopter gunships.

Mottaki said that European states have provided the terrorists with freedom and facilities which is another example of western double standard.

On Iranian nuclear program, he said that Iranian nuclear program is for civilian purposes adding that access to nuclear technology in line with Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) is the legitimate right of every member state adding that Iran has exercised constructive cooperation with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in enforcing Safeguards Agreement of the agency.

Mottaki also briefed Dahlgren on Iranian policy concerning other events of the region including Iraq.

Dahlgren said that Iran and Sweden have good record of constructive cooperation and called for boosting Tehran-Stockholm relations.

The senior Swedish diplomat said that his government is willing to hold consultations with Iranian officials to get acquainted with each other and reach understanding on regional and international issues.

On Iran's nuclear program, Dahlgren hoped that nuclear talks with Iran and European Union would be resumed soon.

Dahlgren, who was till recently Swedish Ambassador to United Nations, said that Sweden advocates multilateral approach to international issues and regards US unilateral war on Iraq as illegal.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

We Must Strive Harder to Brainwash The Infidels That Islam Is GREAT!

Honestly, the denial is unbelievable. Now, the great MSM meeting in Amsterdam has reached a consensus: the Media is not doing enough to portray Islam is a beautiful religion. How persverse the MSM has become. Orweillian in reverse. No one is forcing them to do this, they CHOOSE to deceive the infidels.

Extremists hijack Islam's image
By Peter Feuilherade
BBC Monitoring, in Amsterdam

Western media were criticised for giving more airtime to extremists
The West's image of Islam has been hijacked by extremists, delegates at the recent News Xchange broadcasting conference in Amsterdam heard.
Debate was prompted by the results of a Kuwaiti government survey that found the depiction of Muslims in the US and European media was "typically stereotypical and negative".

Several speakers concluded that the role of the media should be to understand and illustrate the complexity of the Islamic world, rather than dealing in such generalisations.

'Widespread ignorance'

The session began with Chris Yalonis of Communique Partners presenting the findings of a new international survey, "Western perceptions about Islam and Muslims", which he carried out on behalf of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Awqaf (Endowments) and Islamic Affairs.

Things are being done in the name of religion, but it's not good enough for the media to describe them simply as Islamic

Phil Harding, BBC World Service

He said there was a paradox between the perception by many Europeans of their Muslim neighbours and colleagues as "good people", while Muslims they see on television are often depicted as "terrorists".

Between March and August 2005 the survey team carried out more than 2,400 online interviews in Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the US. Their findings included:

Muslims rated lowest in overall favourability among various religious groups.

Ignorance of and lack of empathy with Islam is widespread.

The portrayal of Arabs and Muslims varies according to the type of media, "but it is typically stereotypical and negative, although improving especially in certain prestigious news organisations".

TV documentaries and news are the most influential media in influencing feelings about Arab Muslims, followed by newspapers.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents believe that the media depicts Arab Muslims and Islam accurately only half the time, not often or never.
Trevor Mostyn, an analyst of European media interviewed by the survey team, said: "Television loves the image of the ugly, ferocious blood-curdling Muslims."

Articulate, "mainstream" Muslims are rarely seen on TV in Britain, Mostyn asserted.

Heated debate

The News Xchange session on "Reporting Islam" saw a passionate debate during which some Arab journalists complained that Muslims were frequently demonised in the Western media, while many European broadcasters stressed the need to avoid using inflammatory terms and to give airtime to moderate voices as well as extremists.

The World Trade Centre attack had a major impact on Islam's image

Abdul Bari Atwan, editor of the London-based paper al-Quds al-Arabi, complained of the West's coverage of the Muslim world, saying that when radical groups "hijacked" Islam, Western media simplistically depicted this as "Muslim terrorism".

He added: "Whatever we do, we are still rejected by the West... As a Muslim in Europe, which is supposed to be the continent of human rights, I am really frightened." [You should be worried. The veil is coming down.]Wadah Khanfar, managing director of al-Jazeera, said many media and correspondents failed to differentiate between the Muslim religion and cultural tradition. He too agreed: "We should abandon simplistic coverage."

Feelings ran high when Ayan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born Dutch MP whose criticism of Islam sent her into hiding after the murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, spoke.

She accused Arab journalists of seeing all problems as caused by some outside force, and said they should engage in more self-reflection.

Her remarks that "there is a total lack of freedom in the Arab and Islamic world", as well as "a lack of equality for and a culture of violence towards women", provoked angry denials and denunciations from many Arab and other journalists in the hall.

"Things are being done in the name of religion, but it's not good enough for the media to describe them simply as Islamic," concluded Phil Harding of BBC World Service, summing up what emerged as the majority consensus after a very heated discussion.

Suleiman al-Khalidi, Reuters writer, explains cause of Jordan attacks!

Did they send a memo out to all the Muslim writers? How much more BS can the infidel take? Apparently a lot.

Jordan's Islamists warn against clampdown By Suleiman al-Khalidi
Tue Nov 15,11:14 AM ET

AMMAN (Reuters) - Jordan's mainstream Muslim Brotherhood urged authorities on Tuesday to increase civil liberties, saying any clampdown after triple suicide bombings would only fuel religious extremism.

Abdul Majid Thunaibat said the suicide bombers who killed 54 mostly Jordanian people on Wednesday were a product of a militancy flourishing in a climate of despair, disaffection and domestic repression which worsened in the region after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Iraq's al Qaeda, led by Jordanian-born Abu Musab Zarqawi, claimed responsibility for the three bombings in Amman that targeted hotels popular with diplomats and Western security contractors who work in Iraq.

"The way to counter extremist views is to allow more freedoms," said Thunaibat, whose party is the largest organized political movement in the kingdom and has borne the brunt of an erosion of civil liberties in recent years that rights groups say has suppressed dissent in workers' unions and mosques.

Wake Up Call for David Aaronovitch

David Aaronovitch at Times Online is angry that his email box is full of email messages telling him to "Wake Up!". This 'opinion' is classic denial. Certainly should be included in any prospective psychological analysis about the denial phase that the West went through for four torturous years after 9/11. I'll be sure to link back to this as we follow David through his denial phase.

Opinion - David Aaronovitch

It's the latest disease: sensible people saying ridiculous things about Islam
David Aaronovitch

IT’S TIME, APPARENTLY, that I woke up and smelt the cardamom, or whatever scent it is one associates with Islam. I’m wasting my time, some people reckon, stuck in a cushioned ante-room off a corridor leading away from reality while asserting — as I did last week — that the French riots were not to be explained by the religion of many of the rioters. Last Tuesday my e-mail box declared itself full after a small deluge of readers wrote in, most declaring that, although they weren’t French and hadn’t been there for a while, they knew — absolutely knew — that Islam was behind it all. And that those who thought otherwise were in a state of denial.
I do try not to believe things for which there is no evidence, and there is no evidence for Muslim qua Muslim involvement in the ritual car-burnings françaises. We in Britain — 20 years ago — managed to have the same kinds of riots without a mullah anywhere in sight, and without anyone arguing that West Indian Baptists were to blame (though I do seem to remember some village Littlejohn having a pop at Rastafarians). Where were the tapes of incitement in the banlieu mosques, with the local imams calling for cleansing fire to sweep the Kaffirs and their Citroëns out of the new Muslim lands? Nowhere.

It’s a good idea for columnists to respect their readers, especially those who take the trouble to write. But last Tuesday’s e-mail box saw the unwelcome victory of assertion over argument: most of those rioting were likely to be Muslims, therefore the problem was unassimilated Islam — a religion that, in any case, is resistant to modernity and inimical to democracy and human rights. In other words, as the correspondents saw it, the young French Muslims were The Enemy Within. Wake up! Sound the alarm!

Just as I was wondering around a station newsagent’s, thinking about how dangerous this pattern of thought can be, my eye alighted on the latest edition of The Spectator. Now we know, of course, from our experiences with the New Statesman’s anonymous allegations against the BBC a few weeks back, that weekly magazines have to sell themselves on their front covers. Even so, this one was a gasper. The picture is like that map out of Dad’s Army, where the Union Jack pointy bit has to repel the Nazi pointy bits as they menace Blighty from across the Channel. Except this time the threat comes from a gigantic crescent (red on yellow) that catches the British Isles in a pincer. The sweep of the crescent encompasses a number of European cities — from Rennes in Normandy to Aarhus in Denmark — fetchingly picked out as red and yellow starbursts.

The headline reads EURABIAN NIGHTMARE. A good five pages are given over to three articles, whose tone can be represented in the title given to Rod Liddle’s contribution, The Crescent of Fear. “A crescent of fear has descended upon the continent . . .” he doesn’t quite write.

Pinch me. No, those really are headlines, presumably concocted with some involvement from the Conservative MP for Henley. But where’s the beef?

Mr Liddle, who I esteem as a companion, has got on the train or plane to Paris, then on another train to the suburb of Grigny, where — as far as I can tell, and using what he calls his “hopeless, stunted French” — he talks to a woman who asks him for rail directions, and to three “hooded and furtive” black youths, whom he finds in a stairwell. These youths mention “jihad” three times in a brief conversation, and that’s it. This is the hard evidence for “The Crescent of Fear”. It seems to me that there is only one state of ignorance more complete than total lack of knowledge, and that is the one engendered by sending Rod Liddle somewhere for a couple of hours.

Will London Burn Too? is the title given by the magazine to an essay by Patrick Sookhdeo, who tells readers that if an area has a Muslim majority it becomes, “a millet — a state within a state”. He goes on: “The concept of sacred space insists that any territory once held by Islam belongs to Islam forever. Any such space lost must be regained by whatever means necessary.”

So once Bradford becomes majority Muslim, say, then its inhabitants regard it as being as irreversibly Islamic as Riyadh. Pinch me again. [David, this is a fact. No pinch needed.]

Pinch me a third time while we get to grips with “Eurabia”. This is a concept created by a writer called Bat Ye’or who, according to the publicity for her most recent book, “chronicles Arab determination to subdue Europe as a cultural appendage to the Muslim world — and Europe’s willingness to be so subjugated”. This, as students of conspiracy theories will recognise, is the addition of the Sad Dupes thesis to the Enemy Within idea. “Eurabia,” writes Ye’or, “is the future of Europe. Its driving force, the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation, was created in Paris in 1974.” [David has not read Eurabia. I have. It's sad really to denigrate a brilliant historian like Bat Ye'or.]


So why, Ye’or was asked, if the Muslims were behind the riots, were the most Islamic areas also the calmest. “Yes,” replied Bat, “the most radical Islamic areas are indeed the quietest. That is because these people are not fools. They are positioning themselves to play the role of honest brokers with the French Government.”

That’s where Eurabia comes from.

Constantly you can hear good, sensible people beginning to say stupid things about Muslims. You hear them, at the most basic level, confuse Islamism with Islam, which is like confusing crusaders with Christians. [This is what Muslims do, make comparisons that are illogical. "Islamism" is Islam today, Crusaders are from 500 years ago and cannot be compared to Christians today. If Islamism is different from Islam, he should write an article about the differences. Do they have different scriptures? Does one believe the Qur'an is wrong about killing the infidels? Which verses have they abrogated? When did they do that?]

The vast majority of Muslims are not Islamists. They aren’t militant and they aren’t zealots. They are not anything really, any more than the rest of us. And it is simply wrong to focus continually on the words of the Koran or of this or that preacher, in the expectation of finding something alien or alarming. There are people in the Jewish community who have argued that “marrying out” can be described as a “silent holocaust”. If we chose to understand world Judaism from such sentiments, we would find ourselves in the interesting company of today’s sophisticated anti-Semites. [Again, these ridiculous comparisons.]

I dislike the word Islamophobia, not least since some of the more intellectually challenged Muslim pressure groups insist upon describing me as an Islamophobe. But the word phobia suggests fear as much as hatred, and that part is beginning to ring true. There is every difference between coldly analysing threats and problems, and conjuring up bogeymen. Vigilance requires precision — jihadist terrorism may be real, but Eurabia is a bogeyman.
We need to resist the choice that seems to be offered to us at the moment. On the one hand we have the relativism of sections of the intelligentsia on the one hand, who cannot say the words “Western democracy” without a sneer. On the other there is the notion that we are in an unavoidable clash of cultures with almost everyone who calls themselves a Muslim. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Dialogue and debate can both exist alongside a muscular defence of certain values: freedom of speech, democracy, human rights — including equal rights for women. We should allow — with modesty — that it is precisely because some of these rights have been won comparatively recently, and not in the days of the Athenian Republic, that we defend them so resolutely

Well, you can try to help him through his denial phase, and email him at , or you can say he is a lost cause.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Is the 'rebirth' of the 911 Commission as the 911 Public Discourse Project a FRAUD?

The 9/11 Commission was paid for by the U.S. government. After it was disbanded, many of the Commission members just couldn't give up all that prestige, and saw an opportunity. Why not live off the 9/11 Commission's prestige. So they got together with non profit rich charities and foundations, and created the 9/11 Public Discourse Project. It just smells because while they say they were formed after 9/11 Commission ended, they don't tell you that they are funded by foundations who have their own agendas, not necessarily the truth. Nor do they clearly state that their 'Project' is not government endorsed and that their financing comes from organizations that may be against the positions of the US government.

Here are the groups funding this sham:

The America Prepared Campaign, Inc.

The Carnegie Corporation of New York

Drexel Family Foundation

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

John S. and Lames L. Knight Foundation

Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Smith Richardson Foundation, Inc.

Lee Hamilton, shame on you. Shame on all of you. If you are going to put out these bulletins, you need a much fuller disclosure. It's fraud.

Background 911 PDP

9/11 Commission Members Fault US Response on Nuclear Proliferation, Detainee Treatment
By Gary Thomas
14 November 2005

Thomas Kean, left,former chairman of the Sept. 11 commission and former vice chairman Lee H. Hamilton during a news conference in Washington.

[Former] Members of the commission [now part of a nonprofit funded by private organizations] that probed the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 have criticized the U.S. efforts at countering nuclear proliferation and the treatment of detainees captured in the war on terror. They also called for stepped-up efforts to bolster the U.S. image abroad.

In the latest in a series of so-called report cards on government response to their recommendations, members of the 9/11 Commission said U.S. efforts to secure nuclear weapons stockpiles in the former Soviet Union have been too slow.

Chairman Thomas Kean, the former governor of New Jersey, said the government response has not matched the gravity of the threat.

"The thing that strikes us is that the size of the problem still totally dwarfs the policy response," said Mr. Kean.

There are deep concerns about a nuclear weapon falling into the hands of terrorist groups. Congress passed a law in 1991 to finance the securing and dismantling of nuclear weapons in states of the former Soviet Union. But Mr. Kean pointed out that about half of the nuclear sites in Russia do not have upgraded security. He added that it will take 14 years at the current rate to complete that task.

The 9/11 Commission, formed by Congress to investigate the 2001 terrorist attacks, officially disbanded last year. But members stayed together as the 9/11 Public Discourse Project to track implementation of the recommendations of their final report.

Co-Chair Lee Hamilton, a former congressman, said the United States remains deeply unpopular abroad not only because of the war in Iraq, but the treatment of detainees in U.S. custody.{ Thanks Lee for supporting America by denigrating it.]

"However, mistrust and dislike of the United States remains extremely high in the Muslim world. Detainee abuse at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and elsewhere undermines America's reputation as a moral leader. Opposition to U.S. policies in the Middle East remains high. Public opinion approval ratings for the United States throughout the region remain at or near historic lows," commented Mr. Hamilton. [You are so clueless what this war is all about. Never read the Hadiths, eh?]

He said the members reiterate their call for a common approach among coalition members toward the detention and humane treatment of captured terrorists based upon the Geneva Convention. However, the Bush administration has so far refrained from adopting such a standard. [That's right, tear the Administration down. You can rake in the bucks on the circuit.]

Members called for more aggressive efforts at public diplomacy, which is aimed at securing international good will, especially through foreign exchange programs. Commission member Fred Fielding said judging progress in public diplomacy is difficult.

"We must put forth an agenda of opportunity," he said. "We must have an alternative to present. And this won't be done overnight. We're not going to change the minds of people who are already committed to kill. But we can plant the seeds of opportunity for the future."

In congressional testimony last week, U.S. Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy Karen Hughes said her office was just getting started.

"We have a lot under way. We have a lot more to do. We're just beginning, and our work is critically important," said Ms. Hughes. [I got an idea. Let's triple the jizya.]

Ms. Hughes, accompanied by U.S. business leaders, visited the earthquake-damaged zone in Pakistan Monday to assess the need for more aid to quake victims. [And now we have this clueless woman Ms. Hughes who was made a fool of because of her ignorance of Islam. I'm sure she is getting all the advice she needs from ISNA and CAIR.]

And Another Thing, Don't Insult Your Muslim's Cooking, Capitain!

Just mention 'pig' and they go nuts. Well, I guess he could have stabbed him with a knife? Burning oil, knife...decisions, decisions

From the Australian -

Ship's cook 'poured boiling oil on captain'
From: By Eric Tlozek
November 15, 2005

AN INDONESIAN fisherman has pleaded guilty to pouring boiling oil over his boat captain while they were detained in Darwin Harbour.

Saiful Anam, 27, pleaded guilty in the NT Supreme Court yesterday to causing grievous harm to the Hok Soen Heng, the captain of the fishing boat he was working on.

The court heard the crew had been caught fishing illegally on May 7 and were detained on their boat at a quarantine point in Darwin Harbour 1.5km from shore.

Anam, the cook on the boat, had served the captain the evening meal on May 12.

But the captain threw the meal back at him and said it was not even fit for pigs, a deep insult to the devoutly Muslim Anam.

He checked the captain was asleep before heating a saucepan of oil.

Anam took the oil into the captain's cabin and removed a blanket from the sleeping man before pouring the oil on to his head.
The attack left the captain with third degree burns to his head, back, neck and arms.

He was taken to the Royal Darwin Hospital before being transferred to a specialist burns unit in Adelaide.

Defence lawyer Sue Cox QC said Anam came from a poor family in East Java and supported them with his income as a fisherman.

She said he was worried about being caught fishing in Australian waters and had asked to leave the boat in Kupang.

But the captain denied the request and told him he would lose his pay if he left.

Ms Cox said the captain had been criticising his cooking for some time.

Supreme Court justice Trevor Riley adjourned the case for sentencing.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

"Paris Burns Again", Fred Puts It Bluntly

Today, there was an excellent article on France's 'little problem' at FreeRepublic. It was from Fred On Everything's column, and I am reproducing here. The bluntness of the internet is refreshing. At the end, he mentions that the French army has a large Muslim minority. I had read somewhere it was 15% but not sure.

Paris Burns Again

Let's Roast Frankfurters

November 7, 2005

Paris burns, crackling and popping as merrily as a Yule log when England was still Merrie and still English. Moslems prance about setting things alight, cars incinerate briskly, and the police suck their thumbs. Diversity. Oh yes. And more to come.

Time and again these days, national governments let in all sorts of people who belong somewhere else. Pretty soon the country has so many that the government comes to fear them. At that point the problem passes beyond easy solution. So politicians paper over everything, and make concessions to buy a year’s peace. The newcomers breed and increase. By and by the remaining possibilities are acquiescence or civil war.

Which latter, boys and girls, isn’t impossible.

The assiduously courted invasion usually rests on a curious idealism that I find hard to credit in adults. The notion is that we are all just people, brothers under the skin, that all we need is love and understanding, black and white together, kum bah ya; only a few reactionary forces need to be stilled to bring about universal bliss. This happy thought doesn’t surprise me among students in high school. Politicians aren’t.

Has no one noticed that diversity doesn’t work? Putting together peoples with little in common begs for trouble, usually with success. It is the chief source of the world’s bloodshed and enmity.

Look around you. Start with Canada, where the Brits and French detest each other. Drop down to the USA, where black, white, and brown wait uneasily for no one is sure what; the lid is held on by Washington, which acts as a sort of federal Tito. There are Hindus and Moslems in India, Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka, blacks and whites in South Africa, Moslems and Buddhists in Thailand, Turks and Germans in Germany, Vietnamese and Montagnards in Vietnam, Moslems and animists in the Sudan, Jews and Moslems in Israel, Cambodians and Vietnamese in Cambodia, Protestants and Catholics in Ireland, Indians and Mexicans in Chiapas, Basques and Spaniards in Spain, Indians and Fijians in Fiji.

But what have facts to do with foreign relations? It is much more entertaining to base policy on adolescent theories and see what happens.

When the anticipated melding fails and riots ensue, the response is to try to buy, or legislate, the impossible. Invariably the cry arises that the government hasn’t done enough for the indigent arrivals. We must spend more money on welfare, on schools, on special programs to raise the unraisable and mix the immiscible. It is our fault really. We need to change our outmoded attitudes, require classes on ethnic sensitivity, celebrate the culture of the new incompatibles. We will have National Islamic History Week, and children will make mosques from construction paper. That will fix everything.

Instead the problem gets worse. The majority population becomes angrier, but has no recourse. The government is against them. The immigrants can loot and burn, and nothing is likely to happen to them: Punishing their misbehavior would engender more violence, which the government wants to avoid at any cost. If the citizenry defend themselves, as for example by shooting arsonists, the government will put them in prison. Citizens have much to lose; the malefactors do not.

A spring is thus wound.

Moslems in particular are poison. A failed civilization, Islam sends its unsuccessful, thus double failures, to Europe. They gravitate to slums because they can do nothing else. Cohesive, angry, ineffectual, with no loyalty to their new home, they neither flourish nor assimilate. Resentment grows among them. And so the cities burn.

Which is interesting. In the United States, the hostility of Islam is often attributed to American support of Israel. Beyond doubt, there is truth in this. It does not explain the riots in Paris, the papered-over violence in other European countries, the Islamic terrorism in Russia and in southern Thailand, the anti-Christian fighting in East Timor, or the terror in Kashmir. Moslems are trouble.

Immigration is not prima facie a bad idea. It depends on who you let in. Some immigrants can assimilate. If for example the United States allows the entry of moderate numbers of reasonably educated Chinese, nothing untoward will happen. The Chinese share such crucial European traits as studiousness and respect for law. In fact they are superior to the white population in both respects. Consequently they arouse little hostility and not a little admiration. They may congregate for a generation or so in Chinatown, but the term designates a place where a lot of Chinese live, not a hostile ghetto.

Other immigrants cannot assimilate. Most especially practitioners of Islam cannot prosper in Europe. Watch.

Incomprehensibly, permitting their entry has been a deliberate decision. Europe could have kept these swarming newcomers out by simply not letting them in. No visa, no work permit, instant deportation. It didn’t. Now France and Holland are on the edge. Amsterdam could be the next Paris. England, once a delightful land of safety and civility, becomes in parts a North African slum. I have no sympathy. They made the choice. But why did they do it?

For that matter, if Washington wanted to end the illegal immigration of Latinos, it could do so in a paragraph: Establish a fine of five thousand dollars a day for employing illegals or renting them accommodations, half of it to go to the person turning the offender in; require proof of citizenship for welfare in any form, or use of the schools; allow police to demand a green card at their discretion; put the army along the border with orders to shoot. It won’t happen, of course. I don’t care, but let’s not be surprised at the consequences.

What the French need to do, but won’t, is to send the army into the Islamic slums, round up the whole lot, and put them ashore on the beaches of North Africa with a box lunch and a coupon for three free Dunkin Donuts. It isn’t a pretty answer. It’s a lot prettier than what seems to be coming down the pike.

Ah, but there is the little matter that the enlisted ranks of the French army are heavily Moslem. Again, the more you let in, the less you can do about them. For France, I’d guess that the war is over, though the fighting just begins.

People and governments by nature temporize, avert their eyes from forthcoming catastrophe, eschew the needful but unpleasant, and do not readily believe that the status quo can abruptly change. But it can, and does, and is. Meanwhile absurd intellectuals write pointless articles in glossy magazines. Soon it will be too late for civilized answers.

Then what? That is the question.

Friday, November 11, 2005

So That's What Muslims Mean by 'Innocent Civilians'

I'm glad they have cleared this up. Muslims are so two faced. Of course, the West is eating it up. I also think that Al Queda or whatever or whoever the favored 'accused' is, they have to be disappointed with the results - yes, the bombings went off well but the infidel to muslim ratio is upside down. Why not blow up a Jordan government building, the ratio would only be slightly worse? You might raise the Muslim kill rate from 90% to 100%, but isn't that tolerable if you can physically damage the government's infrastructure?

I can't say if these were corporate owned hotels, more often they are franchised to local Muslim capitalists or infidel/muslim partnerships, so the 'economic damage' is a wash - infidel and Muslim both lose. Ah, the life of a jihadist. Decisions, decisions. The really bad news is that Al Queda will be pressured to make sure they kill a lot of infidels next and that means another major bombing in Dar-al Harb, perhaps in Dar-al Harmerica.

Hamas, PA condemn Amman bombings

Al Khalil, Nov 10, IRNA
Palestine Hamas Jordon

The Palestinian Islamic resistance group, Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have strongly condemned Wednesday night's bombings in Amman which left hundreds of people killed and injured.All Palestinian political and resistance factions have also condemned the carnage."We condemn these criminal actions that target innocent people," said Hamas leader and spokesman Mahmoud al-Zahar.

"Hamas and the Palestinian people extend our condolences to the Jordan government and people. Our prayers go to the victims and we wish a speedy recovery for the injured." Hamas'strong condemnation of the bombings followed a similarly severe denunciation by Jordan's largest political party, the Islamic Actions Front, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood's Supreme Guide, Abdul Majid Ethneibat, strongly condemned the bombings, calling them "criminal and terrorist by every conceivable standard."

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Classic from the Archive: CAIR Wreck: Stalin Syndrome Quiz

CAIR wants to give the world the truth about Islam.

Let's recall how CAIR manipulates to make the 'truth' to please them.

CAIR Wreck: Stalin Syndrome Quiz

Oh that CAIR. If they aren't out busy deceiving the Infidels, they've got to deceive the Muslims, or is it that Arab thing? You know, Arabs are superior to all other Muslims. Anyway, photoshop guys across the web are having a blast helping CAIR improve their Stalin photo doctoring. Here's today's pop quiz....

The Heat is Turned Up 'Slightly' On Closet Muslim Apologist for Islam John Esposito

As anyone who has read any of my posts on John Esposito know, he is a traitor, a Benedict Arnold. In his Ivory Tower, he gives his deceitful 'expert advice' and our politicians eat it up and ask for seconds. I wish he would come to my town for a lecture. I would be eager to get to that mike and ask a few questions of this closet muslim Esposito. It's great to confront a closet muslim taqiyyamaster and shred his credibility.

Campus Watch and FrontPage should be on everyone's favorite list of sites for studying Islam.

Georgetown's Jihad Denier
by Cincinnatus
FrontPage Magazine
November 8, 2005

Front Page
Campus Watch

The Cosmos Club in Washington, DC was frequently referred to during World War II days as "the most significant concentration of Washington's public policy intellectuals -- unless it was at Union Station when the night train from Boston arrived." The Club prides itself as providing an atmosphere conducive to the free exchange of ideas. So, when I was invited to attend a program there after the cocktail hour on October 24th, I accepted with pleasure. The program was labeled: "Struggle for the Mind of Islam".

The principal speaker was Professor John Esposito, advertised in the program as professor of religion, international affairs, and Islamic studies at Georgetown University, and author of the post 9/11 book Unholy War: Terror in the Name of Islam. I was particularly interested to hear Dr. Esposito as he had been the president of the Middle Eastern Studies Association (MESA), a group which claims to number some 2600 academics worldwide, that is reputed to have a significant pro-Arab tilt as detailed in Martin Kramer's excellent analysis in his book Ivory Towers on Sand. He was accompanied by Dr. Azizali Mohammed, previously director of external relations of the International Monetary Fund, and Dr. Zachary Abuza, associate professor of political science and international relations at Simmons College.

Professor Esposito is an excellent speaker. But I had some real doubts about the substance of his talk. [I don't think he is that great a speaker. I listened to an internet video where he spoke at the opening of the huge ISNA mosque in Dearborn. He rambled, and went off subject. Maybe he wasn't prepared, but I was not impressed.]

When questions were permitted, one club member noted that in one of Professor Esposito's books written prior to 9/11 entitled Islamic Threat: Myth or Reality Dr. Esposito had concluded that the threat of Islamic terrorism was a myth and not reality. But in his post 9/11 book Unholy War, and in his presentation that night, Esposito conceded that Islamic terrorism really exists but identified the cause as American foreign policy. At one point, for example, Dr. Esposito characterized American foreign policy as approving the rape and murder of Arabs in Palestine by Israelis and then, to make it OK, offering a little foreign aid to build houses for those who survived.

Others, who had warned of Islamic terrorism prior to 9/11, but had been marginalized by MESA, have stated one cause of terrorism as funding of maddrassahs and mosques by the Saudis where Islamism is preached. You can find many examples of such preachings on the internet translated by MEMRI.

When Professor Esposito responded to the question, he denied his post-9/11 views had changed; he flatly denied that in his earlier book he had concluded Islamic terrorism was a myth. He claimed that he had in fact found such a threat in radical Islam and suggested that the questioner should reread the pre-9/11 book. [I've read the book and he does DENY. Of course, denial is a skill taught well to this closet muslim by his mentors, the Musulmans]

But the questioner was not alone in believing that Dr. Esposito had changed his tune; Dr. Esposito stated during his talk that he had been giving the same answers for many years. Patrick Clawson, Deputy Director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, in reviewing Unholy War in Commentary, remarked that in his pre-9/11 book Esposito "argued that Islamic fundamentalist groups did not present a menace." Esposito had written "Many Islamic movements have turned from revolution to reform, and have "joined the rising chorus of voices calling for political liberalization". As a result, Dr. Esposito had concluded "while they are a challenge to the outdated assumptions of the established order and to autocratic regimes, they do not necessarily threaten American Interests."

During the Q & A session, Edward Kane, Chairman of the club's International Affairs Committee interrupted the first questioner, who had referred to Dr. Esposito's two books, and pressed him to "get to the question." He was looking fixedly at the questioner as if his question were inappropriate. Kane, who served as the CIA deputy station chief in Iraq from 1963 to 1965, was one of the former Ambassadors and other high level American employees who urged in 2004, in a well publicized letter to George Bush, that the US tilt its policy more toward the Arabs. [Watch out for these former Ambassadors, they have all been bought by the Saudi 'oil money'. Their souls sold, and America sent down the river.]

After being pressed, the questioner stated his question concisely: "If one were to apply Occam's Razor, would it not be likely that the proximate cause of Islamic terrorism was the funding from Saudi Arabian petrodollars of madrassahs and mosques world wide that are used to spread the pernicious doctrine of Islamism?" Dr. Esposito was quick to deny that also. Esposito's response was, no, that if you ask a man on the street in these countries they will say that they object to American foreign policy aiding Israel and supporting repressive regimes in the Middle East. [Of course they do, they are Joos, and Muslims are taught from birth to hate the Joos and their abettors. Geez.]

The member raising the question was not permitted to respond [was that a 'sit down and shut up' rebuke or just ignore and it will go away denial - probaly the latter] to Esposito. Professor Abuza supported his fellow academic by claiming that only a few of the madrassahs in the area he was familiar with were dominated by radical Islamists. In contrast, some who have investigated the situation here claim that 80% of the mosques and madrassahs in the US were either built by Saudi money or taken over with it.

At least three of Dr. Esposito's arguments on behalf of the Muslims struck me as odd:

Esposito equated the violence of terrorism and murder of innocent civilians as resistance of the same kind that we Americans used during our Revolutionary War. [Just like the Muslims, come out the closet John! isn't it crowded in there?]

How bizarre. I couldn't help but think that we were just across Massachusetts Avenue from the headquarters of the General Society of the Cincinnati. Had he declaimed there that there was no difference between the American revolutionaries at Bunker Hill and the Islamist terrorists murdering school children at Beslan and Ma'alot, or blowing up civilian buses, he might have been lynched.

Second, he said jihad is always defensive, in defense of Muslim land, and so on. A person with his background should have known that Islamists divide the world into the Dar al Islam, the domain of Islam, and the Dar al Harb, the domain of war. He surely should know that radical Islamists such as Sheik Abdullah Azzam say there is a collective obligation to extend the domain of the Dar al Islam until shar'ia law is supreme over the entire world.

Third, he argued that since the Israelis admit they are using reasonable violence, they are no different than the Islamic terrorists who believe their violence is reasonable. But "terrorism" is "the use of unlawful force and violence to achieve a political objective when innocent people are targeted" such as bombing a civilian bus, or murdering schoolchildren. It seems to me that, contrary to Professor Esposito, there is a significant difference between the Arab use of unlawful force and violence and the Israeli use of reasonable force which is lawful when used in self-defense. [it's an absurd comparison. John Esposito is a Benedict Arnold.]

It came to me finally that the program was dedicated more to the struggle for the American mind than the mind of Islam. Another person at the program evidently thought so too and asked why the club could not have a more balanced program. He suggested inviting Dr. Daniel Pipes. [Or heaven forbid, Robert Spencer, or Bat Ye'or or Andrew Bostom or... Heaven forbid]

The Chairman, however, insisted that the program was balanced; it had a "geographical balance" [what's that - Muslim taqiyyamasters from around the world?] as each of the participants discussed a different Muslim area. If this means swallowing Professor Esposito's misrepresentations of jihad, or terrorism, and American foreign policy, then the Cosmos Club has a very different notion of balance than those of us who care passionately about the threats facing America.

Cincinnatus wishes to remain anonymous. This article was written for Campus Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum that observes and comments on Middle East Studies at North American colleges and universities.

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Campus Watch sends out a mailing approximately once per week.
Most articles are available online at

France's "Horrendous" Balance Sheet - Revenue and Demographics

Mr. Gurfinkiel actually does a decent job assessing the situation, especially for a MSM reporter. The demographics at the end are just shocking, and say only a dim violent future for France is in the cards. The demographic shotgun is firing the exploding bullet into France's heart. Sadly, many of the European countries are in the same boat. Certainly, they rue the day they let the barbarians end, except for the idiots and liberals who are hopeless, deaf, dumb and blind. Tehy will be in denial on the day their throats feel the cold blade of jihad. But the Euro elites will never admit it. Never.

I thought, when I first saw this article, it was about the tourism revenue freefall currently underway and how that would blow up the govt's budget. But we all knew that anyway. This is really about the demographics 'balance sheet.'

France Facing 'Horrendous' Balance Sheet

By MICHEL GURFINKIEL - Special to the Sun
November 8, 2005

PARIS - A curfew was set up yesterday at Le Raincy, a neighborhood in the eastern suburbs of Paris. The order was issued by the local conservative mayor, Eric Raoult. The prime minister, Dominique de Villepin, made clear on television that similar measures might soon be enforced on a broader scale. "Restoring public safety is our top priority," he said. After 11 days and nights of rioting, the country was coming close to a civil war.

A map published in the afternoon by Le Monde showed that ethnic violence - the "French Intifada," as it is being referred to by some journalists and political leaders - had spread almost all over the country, with the exception of Inner Brittany, western Normandy, and Burgundy, where North African and black communities are small, and Corsica, where a large North African community is held in check by a local nationalist movement [Would that be Le Pen??] that itself is prone to violence. Most major cities, including Lyons, Marseille, Lille, Toulouse, and Bordeaux, have been hit.

Rioting and guerrilla-style street fighting were still rampant in the northern Parisian county of Seine-Saint-Denis - colloquially known as 9-3, after its postal code - where the whole thing started on October 27. The five other Parisian counties were hurt as well. The inner city itself, the ultra-chic City of Paris, was subjected to several ethnic raids over the weekend.

In terms of destruction and casualties, the balance sheet is horrendous. Between Sunday and Monday night, no fewer than 1,408 cars, including buses and trucks, were torched throughout the country. Schools, colleges, sports facilities, factories, shopping arcades, and even two churches - one in Lens, in the north, and one in Sete, on the Mediterranean - were burned. A local resident who attempted to stop a fire was beaten to death in Stains. Elsewhere, a disabled woman narrowly escaped being burned alive in a torched bus. Dozens of firefighters were wounded. [I still haven't heard any estimates yet. 100 million? half a billion? who knows?]

The first question one must ask is why the French government, admittedly one of the strongest and most centralized in the world, and certainly in Europe, did not consider imposing some measure of martial law in the violence-ridden areas much earlier.

There are many constitutional and legal provisions that would have allowed such steps. According to Article 16 of the 1958 constitution, the French president can resort to "exceptional powers" in case of a "major crisis": All he has to do is to consult with the prime minister, the chairpersons of both houses of Parliament, and the president of the Constitutional Council, who all four happen to be loyal followers.

According to Article 36, martial law can be decreed for a period of 12 days, and then confirmed by Parliament for extended 12-day periods, if necessary. The present Parliament is conservative-dominated. As for regular curfews, they can be decreed by the Cabinet without further review under a 1955 law. Moreover, it is an open secret that the for about 15 years French defense forces had made at least contingency plans for "urban battles" similar to what is happening now.

One reason for the government's procrastination has been that in a crisis scenario, much depends on the president, Jacques Chirac, and he suffered a minor stroke several weeks ago. Another reason is that both Mr. Chirac and his heir apparent, Mr. Villepin, were not entirely unhappy about the rioting, at least in its first stage, since it was a blow to their political rival within the conservative camp, the minister of the interior, Nicolas Sarkozy.

The temptation to sack Mr. Sarkozy - as a token of appeasement - may have loomed over them for several days at least. Moreover, Messrs. Chirac and Villepin have built their political identity on a Gaullist pro-Arab and pro-Islamic stand that became fully apparent three years ago, when France distanced itself from America in respect of Iraq. They may expect to harvest a large "immigrant vote" in the coming presidential and parliamentary elections, in 2007, and be reluctant to jeopardize it by taking an aggressive law and order line now.

Still, more factors may have played as well. The government may have been genuinely surprised and intimidated. It is one thing to know in theory that France has undergone major ethnic changes over the past 30 years and another thing altogether to confront a mass ethnic insurgency. The figures are inescapable. There are about 60 million inhabitants in continental France, plus 2 million citizens in the overseas territories (essentially the French West Indies and La Reunion island in the Indian Ocean). About 20 million, most of them white and Christian, are over 50.

Out of the remaining 40 million or so, 10 million or so belong to the ethnic minorities: Muslim North Africans, Muslim Turks or Near Easterners, Muslim Black Africans, Christian West Indian, African or Reunionese blacks. When one regards to the youngest age brackets, the proportion is even larger. It is estimated that 35% of all French inhabitants under 20, and 50% of all inhabitants in the major urban centers, belong to the ethnic minorities. Islam alone may claim respectively 30% and 45%. Since war is essentially the business of youths, the combatant ratio in any ethnic war may thus be one to one. [These are really bad numbers.]

Which brings us to a second question: How ethnic is the present violence in France? Liberal commentators, both in France and abroad, tend to say that poverty and unemployment, rather than race or religion, are the driving force behind the riots. Mr. Villepin himself tends to share this view, at least in part. He said yesterday on TV that he is earmarking enormous credits for housing rehabilitation, education, and state-supported jobs in the areas where the unrest has developed. [Open wide French Dhimmi! Let the jizya flow!] But the fact remains that only ethnic youths are rioting, that most of them explicitly pledge allegiance to Islam and such Muslim heroes as Osama bin Laden, that the Islamic motto - Allahu Akbar - is usually their war cry, and that they submit only to archconservative or radical imams.

The fact also remains, according to many witnesses, that the rioters torch only "white" cars, meaning white owned cars, and spare "Islamic" or "black" ones. One way to discriminate between them is to look for ethnic signs like a sticker with Koranic verses or a picture of the Kaaba in Mekka or a stylized map of Africa. Further evidence of the animating influence in the riots lies with the French rap music to which the perpetrators listen. Such music obsessively describes White France as a sexual prey. [How a Dhimmi can protect his car in France - plaster your car with Glorious Jihad stickers, buy a jihad CD and play it all the time and play it loud]

A third and last question is what impact this unprecedented ordeal is likely to have on France and Europe? One would reasonably expect the French government to restore its grip over the country. What matters, however, is the long-term outcome. My guess is that the crisis will not be so easily forgotten or washed away among the "non-ethnic" citizens, including those of alien stock who have fully integrated into the French society as it is. Rejection of Islam and of North African, Black African, and Middle Eastern immigration may increase dramatically. And the prospect of Turkey acceding to the European Union may get even dimmer. [Dimmer? How about lights out.]

Mr. Gurfinkiel is the editor of Valeurs Actuelles, a Paris-based journal.

Wash. Post Editorial - Fires in France - Read and Explode - It's not Islam!

There is something seriously wrong in America's media. It is Orweillian - but in reverse. There is no 'government' propaganda board monitoring every thought, every printed word. But can you call this anything else but propaganda spewed out by a Muslim propaganda media company. Is the Washington Post owned by Muslims? They have been busily buying all the MSM companies in America. Only the internet is meaningful for the truth. The MSM, who are these reporters and editors? are they robots, turned on for a few minutes to dribble some gibberish and then turned off. Who is switching them on and off? How much does it pay? Can I get a job there or are infidels not allowed? How far do I have to walk to the on/off switch? Would you buy me a segway to make my journey easier?

Fires in France - Editorial from Washington Post but NO NAME!

Tuesday, November 8, 2005; Page A18

THE RIOTS in France have provoked their own mini-storm of misinterpretation, outside the country and among some of the French. So it's worth noting what 12 days (so far) of car-burning, looting and occasional shooting in the poor suburbs of Paris, and now dozens of other towns, is not about. It's not the European version of an intifada: Islamic ideology and leaders play no role in the disturbances, and many of those participating are not Muslim. [excuse me, but where did you get these FACTS so bluntly dropped like a concrete cinderblock on my peabrain infidel head] But not all the demonstrators are hoodlums and drug dealers either, as some senior French officials portray them; anger over high unemployment and racism has been building in these ghettos for years.[isn't it amazing how this has just become FACT]

It's also too facile to say that French authorities have ignored the problems. Billions have been spent on urban renewal: High-rise projects have been torn down and enterprise zones created, much as in some American inner cities. As in the United States, interlinked problems of jobs, schools, crime and discrimination have not easily yielded to government solutions. Yet until now, many in France assumed that what they regard as a superior "social model" protected them from the eruptions of lawlessness that in recent years have touched Los Angeles, Miami and New Orleans.

Caught by surprise, slow to react, plagued by political posturing and finger-pointing, the French leadership is demonstrating that poor crisis response is also not unique to U.S. administrations. Yet beneath the disarray -- embodied in the simultaneously laconic and belligerent behavior of President Jacques Chirac -- some fresh thinking is evident. Ironically, some of it comes from Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been pilloried by the demonstrators and left-wing press for his own ugly rhetoric. Mr. Sarkozy recently suggested that France abandon the pretense that all of its citizens -- including an estimated 5 million Muslims -- are treated equally, and adopt affirmative-action policies. He has also promoted the idea of a peaceful and tolerant "French Islam" to compete with imported ideologies of extremism. [Question Mr. Editor, if Islam is not the problem, why are you reporting about this????]

In the short term, French authorities have to take forceful measures to restore order. Should the violence persist, extremists could use it to create political or religious causes that do not now exist. But in the medium term, France would benefit from the kind of reexamination of its policies toward minorities and immigrants that Mr. Sarkozy suggests. It's no longer reasonable to pretend that the poor Muslim descendants of North Africans in crowded housing projects are indistinguishable from all other French. If mainstream politicians do not fashion an agenda of inclusion for them, more militant actors will have a vacuum to fill. [Thanks for setting us up for a 'told you so' down the road. What manure. Two paragraphs up you talk about the billions spent on the 'immigrants', now you say it wasn't enough, much, much, much more jizya is required. Did I get that right?]

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Gaining Entre With Your Congressman

On other blogs, I have suggested that sending the 'right' books on Islam to our Congressmen could be a low cost individual initiative among the Islam aware public citizen. Today I wanted to give a followup on the results so far.

About 2 weeks ago, I had emailed both of my Senators and my Representative. I am not going to tell you their names, it doesn't matter. Surely everyone knows that John Sobieski is not my real name. The only reason I do not use my real name is concern that some crazy Muslim would want to track me down and do harm to me or my property. If you are not familiar with the Polish military leader and King, Jan Sobieski, he deserves a Google. Trivia: John Flamsteed in his astronomical catalogue published in 1725 confirmed the constellation named Scutum Sobiescianum - first identified in 1692 by Hevelius and named, Sobieski's Shield, as the constellation pays honour to Jan Sobieski. Not bad. My quest for understanding Islam has transformed my knowledge of history learned in high school and college, esp. pre-20th century.

I never got an email back from any of them. Perhaps I was too politically incorrect in my emails. It was quite long and had several quotes from the Qur'an.

Tuesday, I got a call around 5pm from the aid to my Representative. We spoke for 2 hours about Islam. I explained my concerns and how I believed it was very important for my Congressman to be knowledge and understand Islam without the politically correct filters. We discussed books that my Congressman should read. I offered and he accepted a gift to the Congressman of a copy of Robert Spencer's Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam. I mailed that to him today. He said it would take up to 2 weeks to receive because it has to go through new mail security procedures (that anthrax risk!). The point is, it will get there. I honestly believe the aide will read it, and I am hopeful my Congressman will read it too. Sidenote: As you know, Paris is burning, and I explained what was really going on.

I also suggested that, if he was impressed with Robert's book, he should contact Robert. I told him Robert would be glad to meet with my Congressman and others to discuss their many questions about Islam. He thought it was a good idea. I am hopeful about this too. I gave him other authors and scholars (Bostom, Bat Ye'or, Malkin, etc.) who would also be glad to meet with members of Congress on an informal basis. Wouldn't that be a great thing - get your Congressman to pass around Robert's book to other Congressmen and then have Robert come in for discussion with the Congressmen in a small, private, informal group setting? I think so.

I also offered to provide quick turnaround 'fact research sheets' from a conservative blogger point of view on any issues related to Islam and immigration. He could just contact me by email with some subjects or persons for me to research. I would do a google and google blog search, and provide him a summary of the conservative blogger discussion and opinions, keeping my 'research note' email to 1 or 2 equivalent pages. I hope he will give me a trial run.

The bottom line is out of 3 emails, I established an excellent rapport with my Congressman's aide and I am getting a copy of a very important book into the hands of my Congressman. I cannot guarantee he will read it, but it is a great start.

I plan to do followup emails with my two Senators. A book costs you $20 or less. If I bought 3 books and felt confident those books would get into the hands of my Senators and Congressman, that is $60 I believe has been well spent.

I would like for everyone who reads this post to consider a similar strategy.

Other suggestions for educating our Senators and Representatives, feel free to comment.

UPDATE: I received a call from an assistant to one of my Senators today (Friday Nov. 5th). I am going to send them a book also.