Sunday, January 22, 2006

Villepin - The Prodigal Son for Islam

All Things Beautiful has a post today about France's appeasement. Alexandra has gotten creative with Photoshop and updated this classic painting. It's pretty creative so I am posting here for posterity. Visit All Things Beautiful for the entire story.

Treating the issue of Iran's alleged nuclear ambition as a hot potato, the European trio of Britain, Germany and France, has decided to pass it on to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and thence to the United Nations' Security Council.

"Our talks with Iran have reached a dead end," says Germany's new foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

The truth, however, is the trio's talks with Iran, which lasted three years, started at a dead-end. And the Europeans knew that those talks would get nowhere.

The talks began when Iran admitted that it had been lying to the IAEA and violating the terms of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) for 18 years but promised not to do so again.


The Anti-Jihadist said...

Diplomacy being declared at a 'dead end' isn't stopping this pointless referral to the UNSC. Even if sanctions get past the council and aren't vetoes by Iran's friends on the Council (Russia and China), when have sanctions ever worked? Sanctions can, at best, only slow down Iran's Manhattan Project. Even airstrikes (which don't seem too likely either at this point) would only slow down Iran's nuclear armament program, not stop them.

So barring an unforeseen miracle, Iran is soon (this year, maybe next year) going to become a nuclear armed state. Duck and cover, people. The storm comes ever closer.

Pastorius said...

Good new look.

About traffic dropping; my experience has been that blogger has been weird lately. I've been seeing very strange drops and surges in traffic. Don't know what explains it.