Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's official--Israel caves on Corporal Shalit

As I had long feared, Olmert has officially raised the white flag on Corporal Shalit's kidnapping. Apparently, even living in close proximity to barbarians dedicated to your destruction is not enough to prevent suicidal self-delusion like this:

Israel Ready To Swap Palestinian Prisoners For Gilad Shalit

(RTTNews) - Amidst the uneasy day-old Gaza truce, the Israeli PrimeMinister Ehud Olmert has said that Israel was prepared to release manyPalestinian prisoners, including long-serving inmates, in return for Gilad Shalit, a soldier Palestinian militants abducted last June.

Olmert said he was reaching out to the Palestinians for peace, offeringa series of humanitarian and economic incentives if violence against Israel ceased. However he conditioned any resumption of peace talks on the soldier's release and acceptance by any future Palestinian unitygovernment of an international demand to renounce violence, recognize Israel and accept existing interim peace accords.

"With Gilad Shalit's release and his safe return to his family, theIsraeli government will be willing to release many Palestinian prisoners, even those who have been sentenced to lengthy terms,'' Olmertsaid.

It was the first time that Olmert had specially spoken of exchanging prisoners for Shalit, whose capture in a cross-border raid byPalestinian militants triggered a five month old Israeli offensive into the Gaza Strip.

Olmert was speaking a day after a truce took effect in Gaza, aimed atending Israeli offensive, ending rocket fire into Israel by Palestinianmilitants and as a step to reviving peace talks that collapsed in 2000 before the start of a Palestinian uprising.


Jim said...

The Palestineans have learned that kidnapping Israeli soldiers pays off so expect more kidnappings in the future.

I wouldn't worry too much about the terrorists who will be released in the deal. No doubt they'll soon do something that will earn them another lengthy prison term.

Israel will not know peace as long as they're so soft on these terrorists. They have to let them know that Israel will be ruthless with them.

John Sobieski said...

If Israel cannot understand Islam, what hope is there for America?

Anonymous said...

Would you expect anything different from the Omert Govt.

Arizona Anorak said...
"Israel will not know peace as long as they're so soft on these terrorists. They have to let them know that Israel will be ruthless with them."


Cubed © said...

Where is Netenyahu when you need him?

It's a crushing disappointment that the same people who said "Never again" elected ol' Omert, a known far-left moonbeam.

What in the hell does it take? Of course, these days, I'm saying much the same thing about us...